Kobe location

Habour land

Habour land is an oceanside area which have symbolic buildings like Kobe port tower


Soraku en is a Japanese garden which has stepping stones and rock bridges and was build in the late Meiji era.
In the garden, there are some important building like the former Hassam Redidence.
It is suitable for both Kimono and dress.

The Former Foreign Settlement

The former foreign settlement is the famous area which you can feel the old times around 1800s.
There are now open cafeterias and retro buildings which is so sophisticated.

Kitano Ijinkan+10,000yen

Western style residences built mostly for early foreign
settlers during the end of the Shogunate and the Meiji era.
Photo shoot will be held in Italy hall or Moegi hall.

  • ※We can not shoot Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.
  • ※Because of administrator restrictions, family tours are not allowed.

Azure Maiko+10,000yen

Azure Maiko is designed as [Maiko beach] which is beautiful scenery.
A location known for its 800 metres long sand shore with pine trees.
It is a good point that you can do your photo shoot with Akashi bridge.

Awaji Hana Sajiki+30,000yen

Awaji Hana Sajiki is a famous flower park which is run by Hyogo prefecture.
This location features a wide variety of beautiful flowers with a scenic background of Akashi Harbour and Osaka Harbour.
You can enjoy the changing colours of the seasons.

Keino Matsubara+30,000yen

Keino Matsubara is a beautiful scenery which is running 2.5KM long with 50000 black pine trees.
It is registered as a national beautiful scenery.

Shiawase no Mura+10,000yen

A wide location with plenty of greens, southern Europe themed building with red roofs and white walls.

Taisan ji temple+10,000yen

Taisan ji temple has 19 national heritage such as Niou Mon and Amida Nyorai Zazou.
There is a forest which is registered as a hudred of beautiful forests around there so it is famous for cherry blossoms in Sprind and autumnal leaves in Autumn.

Kita park+10,000yen

Kita park is near from Kobe bridge and which you can see Kobe habour and paths in Kobe.
On the opposite shore, cruise ship stops so you can do your photo shoot in a relaxing and open atmosphere.

Forest Botanical Garden+10,000yen

A location features the rich nature and greenery of Mt. Rokko.

Kobe nunohiki harb garden+10,000yen

Kobe nunohiki harb garden is one of the biggest harb garden in Japan.
There are 12 types of gardens which you can enjoy seasonal flowers.
Especially, a wide lavender garden and lily garden are so beautiful.

Okusuma Park+10,000yen

A park which has a rich and plentiful nature.
It remains a good nature enviroment and organised atomosphere.

Hirota shrine+15,000yen

Hirota shrine is so historical place that was written in the oldest chronicles of Japan.
It is famous for azaleas flowers which is registered as a natural monument of Hyogo prefecture are blooming in an early summer time.

Akashi Kaikyo Park+30,000yen

A park which is located near Seto island sea and Akashi channel. You can see the beautiful view from there.
You can do a lot of kinds of photo shoots beacause there are themed gardens and terraces.

Awaji Island Park+30,000yen

A park which you can enjoy relaxing times with beautiful view of blue ocean and hills in northern Awaji island.
There is a variety of areas like for takning therapeutic walk in the forest and having a good time for family members.

England no Oka+30,000yen

An agricaltural park which is themed lakeside in England with much nature.
There are two kinds of areas which are called Green hill area and England area.
You can enjoy seasonal flowers and enjoy good times with animals.

Awaji Yume Butai+30,000yen

A park which is near from Westin hotel Awaji. There are lots of flowers through all seasons.
There are two kinds of areas which are called Green hill area and England area.
You can enjoy seasonal flowers and enjoy good times with animals.

Place of memoriesASK

If you have somewhere to do your photo shoot, please let us know once.
Let's make a wonderful memory with us in your favorite place.

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