White kimono

The highest quality, most traditional wedding kimono.
The purest white kimono to symbolize virtue of a pure mind.

A wedding kimono which is completely white even down to the accessories.
In Japanese culture, white is a sacred colour which is said to be the colour of the sun, as it shines down on the bride to reflect her purity of mind.
Traditionally, the white wedding kimono is said to symbolize that the bride will become the colours of the family she marries into.
You can wear Tsunokakusi if you choose Katsura wig.


Colourful kimono

Gorgeous colour and patterns.
The highest quality, most traditional wedding kimono as same as Shiromuku.

A traditional kimono which has gorgeous colour, patterns and stitches for Japanese wedding.
From the Muromachi era to the Edo era, wearing a double layered kimono was traditional for the women of samurai houses.
Nowadays, most modern brides choose to wear the traditional white kimono for the wedding ceremony and change to the colorful kimono to celebrate the reception and wedding party.


Long sleeved kimono

Traditional style which has been passed down since the Edo era.
Elegant standing style and silhouette.

A wide train that spreads out to create beautiful line and called “Ohikizuri”.
In the Edo era, a black long sleeved kimono was worn by brides on the way to their wedding as a formal wedding costume.
This kimono fits with both Japanese hair styles and western hair styles.
We recommend wearing this kimono with Japanese hair styles and Tsunokakushi.
Because this kimono is lighter than the shiromuku and irouchikake style, it also matches well with western hairstyles for a more lighter look.


Kimono for groom

The most traditional style kimono for men.

Hakama is the highest rank costume for wedding and black Hakama is the most authentic kimono and same rank as Shiromuku and Irouchikake which a bride wear for wedding.