衣装へのこだわり Costume


Costume #1 We have chosen a range of high quality kimono and wedding dresses sourced from local suppliers

You can select from our own collection of kimonos, wedding dresses and tuxedos which are sourced locally in Kyoto. We are confident you will be able to find the perfect outfit to suit your style and preferences.


Costume #2 You can choose any outfit from our collection without any hidden fees

Studio zero’s packages are all inclusive so we will provide you with everything your need at the same fee.

衣装へのこだわり Quality


Quality #1 Our photographers are highly skilled professionals.

We believe that knowledge of kimono and customer service experience is one of the most important parts of creating a successful wedding photoshoot.
Studiozero’s photographers are all highly qualified and trained to help you have the best experience possible.


Quality #2 We will provide you with high quality photos that are edited one by one.

We believe that even a well taken photo, if not edited correctly can not reach it’s highest potential.
Our staff will digitally enhance each photo to the ideal lighting in order to provide you with the perfect photos.
Though it takes hours, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide the high quality photos possible.
*Photo file format is JPEG which is 4000 pixels at the long side.Raw data can not be provided.


Quality #3 We will work together with leading printing companies to provide the highest quality albums.

Studio zero can provide each couple with a high quality printed wedding photo album to keep as a lifelong memory.
We take care to use only the highest quality printing paper and ink to make sure your photos are best they can be, and remain beautiful for years to come.
You can upgrade your album and include more photos if you’d like.

衣装へのこだわり Price


Price #1 All in one plan

Studio zero’s pre-wedding photoshoot packages are an all in one plan, including costume, photo data, location fee and transport costs. Please rest assured that there will be no other hidden costs or extra fees.


Price #2 Value for money

Studiozero can provide our customers with reasonable plans due to making efforts to cut down on unnecessary costs such as advertising.